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About Us

Charity Benefits & Benefit Planning

We were looking for a way to give back to the local community by helping people in need. We found it and Lifting Hearts 2Gether was born on May 1, 2012.

We help whenever there is a true need; whether it is due to a medical condition, an accident, or to other unforeseen problems.

Each of us at Lifting Hearts 2gether donates their time, energy, expertise and money to make good things happen. 100% of every dollar raised at our charity fundraisers and benefit events goes to help those in need!

Lifting Hearts 2Gether works in several different ways to raise money and each charity fundraiser or benefit event is designed around the needs of the individual.

First, Lifting Hearts 2Gether sponsors a bike night every other week at Hennessy’s Bar & Grill; with contests, games, raffles and 50/50 drawings designed to raise money for those who may only need temporary help in paying a monthly bill or two.

Second, we sponsor charity benefits, typically once every other month, to raise money for those that may need more help than can be generated from a bike night event.

Lastly, Lifting Hearts 2Gether will join with other like-minded organizations, groups or individuals to help them with their fund raising events, without formally sponsoring the event.

We are a member of the Oldsmar Chamber of Commerce and are always interested in ideas that can help our community.

Also, if you’re interested; we are always looking for new members or sponsors. Of course, anyone can donate material items or make a monetary donation. Just contact us at 813-493-3650 or drop an email to Maryellen at liftinghearts2gether@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your time and interest in Lifting Hearts 2gether and for caring about others in our community. Come join us at a fundraiser or give us a call and help us make our community a better place to live.