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Get Help

Lifting Hearts 2Gether was created because we have a true personal desire to help people in need. Whether it is children, families, individuals, or other organizations (or Groups) – our desire is to help.

We conduct fundraisers, charity benefits, and bike night events to obtain basic items such as food, clothes, diapers, or other such essentials. We also raise money to help financially.

Our goal is to make the lives of individuals that have had a life-changing event easier.  We want them to know there are people out here that care. Maybe you need help; if you do, let us know!

Lifting Hearts 2Gether is a non-profit organization recognized and registered with the state of Florida. We are also a member of the Oldsmar Chamber of Commerce. We sponsor our own fundraisers and we also work with other organizations (or individuals) to help them plan and run theirs.

If you need help, please fill out our Application for Benefits form completely. We will review your information and see if there is a way we can help you get through your time of need.